Landscape Contractor

Landscape Contractor

Do you desire an Italian-inspired landscape with a villa-like setup? Perhaps, you prefer a modern setting with outdoor amenities that reflect your active lifestyle and sunny personality? Whichever type of landscape you desire, we at Emerald Creek Landscapes, LLC, can realize your dream outdoor setting. Read more about Landscape Contractors »

Outdoor Living

A patio, deck, pergola, gazebo and other features provide great opportunities to use the open spaces of your property more optimally. These outdoor living features are a value-add to your home, but need to be planned &installed well. This makes it important to choose a good landscaping company with expertise in the field. Read more about Outdoor Living »

Paver Installations

If you are venturing into a property improvement project and you would like to use pavers for your outdoor amenities, don't hesitate to contact Emerald Creek Landscapes, LLC. We are experts in designing and building beautiful hardscapes that can last a lifetime. We offer professional paver installations for a variety of applications including driveways, patios, walkways and pool decks. Read more about Paver Installations »


Pavers are the most preferred materials for outdoor features and amenities because of their unique aesthetic appeal. They can easily make outdoor areas more appealing with the use of different patterns or design options. There are also specific themes that can be used to highlight the beauty of the paved outdoor spaces. But aside from aesthetics, these paving materials are also durable and long-lasting. Read more about Pavers »